The New Normal. Terror and using cars as a weapon.

It saddens me that this is the world that we live in.  Yet we cannot change the issues of our times.  We live in an America that is, by choice or not, at war with radicalized Muslim extremists.  Innocent civilians are paying the price.  I believe that though this may be the new normal, it cannot be allowed to dominate our lives, nor make us bitter or antagonistic as a people.  Instead, we must continue to embrace that which is good and admirable in the vast majority of people on this earth.  We cannot live in fear.  We cannot succumb to the desire for a sense of safety by giving way to a police state.  I believe the answer to increased safety lies not just in the hands of our brave and faithful law enforcement, but also in the vigilant resilience of everyday people like you and me, who must find ways to thwart such attacks sooner.

What can we do to stop it?

Frankly, I do not believe that such acts of terror can be stopped.  As long as there are people willing to sacrifice their own lives in order to kill one, three, five, a handful of innocent civilians, there is very little we can do to completely prevent it.  I think that a common reaction to these events is to “demand answers” or to call upon our government to “keep us safer.”  Law enforcement already does its best to protect our communities 24/7.  The New York City attack of Halloween could not have been prevented in a way that is consistent with the form of life we know and cherish in this country.  To seek radical changes in the wake of a terrorist attack only enables a mob mentality to rush through legislation that 1) harms our dear freedoms and 2) only gives us the facade of greater safety.  

The vast majority of Americans are good, decent, law-abiding citizens.

I believe that the vast majority of people on this earth are decent, good people.  As horrific as were the events of Las Vegas, Charlottesville, Paris, Barcelona, and now NYC, each act of terror was the result of but one sick man.  The hundreds and thousands and even millions that came together after those events in solidarity, compassion, and assistance, are where we really need to focus our attention.  

Here is where I think there may be an answer to increase safety in the years to come.  Perhaps if we allowed more of the trustworthy and good people of our communities to be armed with concealed & carry licenses, some of these attacks might be able to be stopped more quickly.  We cannot have law enforcement everywhere at all times, but if a greater percentage of average Americans were equipped with the ability to thwart a terror attack in its inception, then perhaps an event like the Halloween attack would result in only one or two fatalities, as opposed to eight.  I know this is not a perfect solution, but it also does not seem to be unworthy of some consideration. is grateful for the brave police officer who shot and immobilized the attacker.

The law’s response: Citizens of the United States have Constitutional Rights.  We must defend and uphold those rights, no matter how uncouth the defendant.  Non-Citizens do not have those same rights.

There is a call by some for swift retribution against the attacker.  Certainly it is understandable where this desire for swift justice comes from, but I believe that to act rashly in such times would not only be a mistake, but would damage a fundamental pillar of this country’s greatness.

Our president himself, after this last attack, called our justice system “a laughing stock.”  He’s right and he’s wrong.  But we can all agree that our justice system has tremendous problems, and they must be addressed, they must remain the focus of reform.  The founding fathers were extremely leery of “mob mentality” – and we today cannot fall prey to such unbridled zeal.  What this man did was horrific.  It was evil, debased, cowardly, and honestly it was pathetic.  This man will get Justice in the end.  But it is not our part to circumvent our laws, merely taking him around the back of the courthouse or military block, and shooting him summarily.


Some people believe that autonomous (self driving) cars will be all but ubiquitous within the next decade.  My hope is that fully automated cars not subject to the control of a person will take one arrow out of the terrorist’s quiver.  If the cars themselves cannot be over-ridden, but like mere machines will only follow traffic laws, perhaps this method of attack will be stymied.  

But they’ll just go find a new way to wreak havoc and terror.  True, dear reader.  So let us prepare.  

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.


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