During New Years Celebrations last year the terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey took place, killing some 39 people.  That’s how 2017 began.

Since then, 2017 has proven to be a year that recorded the highest number of “mass killings” the world has ever seen.  From Las Vegas, Nevada to Sutherland Springs, Texas – we’ve seen far too many of these “lone man” attacks that terrorize and terrify communities, terminating now hundreds of lives- wounding countless others in soul and body.  

We live in a world of increasing terrorist threat, especially on a micro level, single man attacks (attacks against tens or scores of people vs hundreds or thousands such as in the 9/11 attacks).  In answer to this “new” micro-terrorism threat, our police departments and federal law enforcement agencies have been ramping up- militarizing you might say- getting tougher (and smarter(?)) to protect American citizens.

I am confident that one of the most consequential cross-roads we will face in 2018 will be the push for increased safety measures, “law and order” policies and procedures, armament and training of and for agents of the state, colliding with the growing awareness of the problems plaguing our criminal justice system with its myriad related challenges including wrongful convictions, mass incarceration, and draconian sentencing.

Here’s a great documentary that touches on these topics. I recommend watching with friends and family.

On the one hand we’ll have an ever-increasing growth in State/police power to combat terrorism, on the other hand we’ll have a growing passionate advocacy for the rights of citizens, especially marginalized citizens as to their protection from wrongful convictions, trampled rights, and other wrongs at the hands of our judicial system.

It seems to me that America 2018 may very well prove to be the laboratory for the collision of these two interests, seemingly opposed- and sadly at odds with one another in the minds of too many- yet not truly, not actually adversarial.  

I believe that there can be common ground for a common cause: a safer America amidst a more fair, accurate, and human justice system.

This purpose is why CJReform.info exists.

Keep doing justice, keep loving mercy, keep walking humbly with your God.

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