In 2013 the non-profit, innocence law firm, California Innocence Project (CIP) identified twelve of their wrongfully convicted clients who had exhausted all of their legal remedies. Their only option for freedom is clemency from the CA state governor. And thus the campaign to free the CA 12 was born. Jerry Brown is now in his last week of office – CIP therefore is making its final push.

The Free The CA 12 campaign began in 2013 when Justin Brooks walked 712 miles to hand-deliver clemency petitions to Gov. Jerry Brown.
The Free The CA 12 campaign began in 2013 when Justin Brooks walked 712 miles to hand-deliver clemency petitions to Gov. Jerry Brown.

It began over five years ago…

Knowing that the freedom of these twelve clients depends on the signature of Governor Brown, Justin Brooks (Co-Founder / Director of CIP) decided to hand-deliver the twelve clemency petitions in a way Brown could not ignore. So over five years ago, Justin set out to walk from San Diego to Sacramento to hand-deliver those twelve clemency petitions (with two of his staff attorneys, Mike Semanchik, and Alissa Bjerkhoel).  Thus, the Innocence March was born and the CA 12. That first Innocence March was a 712 mile, 55-day journey from CIP headquarters in San Diego to the steps of the California State Capitol in Sacramento. The Innocence March was a means of urging Governor Brown to help these innocent men and women, as well as raise awareness about the issues that plague our justice system. Since his completion of this 712 mile trek for clemency back in 2013, Governor Brown has done very little help the CA 12. To date, Brown has only issued two commutations of sentence for Quintin Morris and Kiera Newsome, making them eligible for parole hearings. Presently, Governor Brown’s time in office is coming to a close.

CIP has, through its own litigation efforts, won the freedom of five of the CA 12. Presently, there are still five of the CA 12 currently incarcerated, without any relief in their cases. In October of this year Justin Brooks set out again on a 100 mile trek from Berkeley, CA to Sacramento to mark the final 100 days Jerry Brown had in office.

Part of the #FreeTheCA12 campaign was a daily Tweet sent by CIP Director Justin Brooks to the CA Governor asking him to Free the CA 12. He had some help: his staff, students, and supporters would often not only re-tweet Justin’s posts, but would also create their own creating what has become a daily barrage of tweets aimed at Jerry Brown.

Jerry Brown’s last day in office is January 6, 2019.  California Innocence Project attorneys are very hopeful that the California Governor will release what will be his final clemency list of his career, and they are hoping beyond hope that the remaining CA 12 are on that list.

In these final days, between now and Jan 6, please contact Governor Jerry Brown and tell him to FREE THE CA 12.  You can contact him directly, and it only takes about a minute (it’s like sending an email).

Please follow this link:

If you cannot follow the link for whatever reason, simply do a Google search for “Contact Governor Jerry Brown.”  Follow the first link, and tell him to Free the CA 12.

Please like, share, and help spread the word – this is the final push to get the California Governor to take action on behalf of the clients. Use the hashtag #FreeTheCA12

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